I’ve always wanted to catch the Northern Lights in Iceland but when everyone on facebook started sharing their photos of Iceland, my interest quickly dwindled. It wasn’t until my friend Brenda sent me cheap roundtrip flights from Boston to Reykjavik with WOW Airlines for $263.39 that I figured it was time to pack my bags.

I didn’t just want to visit the Golden Circle or go on one of those pricey tours so I wondered if we could rent a campervan and drive around Iceland while sleeping and cooking in a car. Turns out that many people travel this way and it was perfectly doable with the right van, the right people (who can drive) and right gear.



1. Choosing the Campervan

After reaching out to a number of campervan companies in Iceland, we decided to choose Kuku Campers. They had the best deal for a 5-person automatic campervan. This is extremely important because none of us can drive manual (especially me, I haven’t driven a car since I got my license in New York O_O). This campervan comes equipped with a gas stove, heater, cooking gear, and mattresses, we just needed to get chairs, a table, cooler to store our food, and insurance. We had our own sleeping bags and GPS.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 4.05.31 PM

2. Sand, Gravel, Ash Insurance

The weather in Iceland is unpredictable. The SCDW insurance covers you for any collision you might have. The GP covers you for the front window. If you are driving on gravel roads, stones can be thrown onto the front window and if it cracks, it costs 300 Euros to replace. The GP is 5 Euros per day. The SAP insurance covers you from sand or ash damage. Sometime when the winds are blowing heavily and you are driving through the sand deserts in the south the paint can come off the campers. It doesn’t happen that often but we figured it was good to get since it was a flat fee of 10 Euros.


3. Gas Card


Gas Card – N1

Unfortunately many American credit cards with chips can’t be used in Iceland. It is safer to get a prepaid gas card just in case. N1 gas cards are the most popular. Currently diesel cost $1.46 per liter. You can check the prices here.


4. Safety 

a) Always check the Iceland weather map as conditions change throughout the day even in the summer. Download the weather app before you go to Iceland.

b) Drive within the speed limit and pay attention to the different signs Se_ales_Islandia

c) Download Iceland 112 Emergency App which allows you to store your last 5 locations or dial 112 in case of an emergency.


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