The new ticket system to see the Alhambra in Granada Spain has changed. This information has been updated 10/11/2017.

I am currently in Granada right now and had to write a quick post about the new changes in getting tickets for the Alhambra. The system has completely changed and many people in Granada do not know about this. A new company has taken over and the new site to purchase tickets to the Alhambra is

Email me at if you have any questions.

Best Ways to Get Tickets to the Alhambra

1. Buy tickets MONTHS in advance online.
2. Wake up really early to buy tickets in-person which I did yesterday (10/10/2017) and this is the worse option and currently almost impossible. I will explain this below.
3. Buy online starting at midnight. They release tickets in batches so keep refreshing till you see available tickets to see the Nasrid Palace. I saw this on the new site and some people were able to buy tickets even two hours before but of course try at midnight and then try again at 6:00am.

4. Go on a tour which is priced from 65 euros+. (Tickets for the Alhambra including the Nasrid Palace, Gardens, etc is priced at 14 euros.)
5. Bring your passport to purchase tickets in person. They did not accept a copy.

Dos and Don’ts for Visiting the Alhambra
1. Buy tickets in advance for Alhambra General for 14 euros. With the new online system, do not bother waiting in line early in the morning.
2. Wear very comfortable shoes with padding. You’ll be walking on irregularly shaped stones. I guess the sultan really wanted to slow down attackers and tourists.
3. Give yourself adequate time. There are many things to see before your visit to the Nasrid Palace. You can get an audio guide for 6 euros and walk around the Jardins (gardens), Palace of Charles the V has a museum and gallery. The Museum of Alhambra is downstairs and there’s a 1.50 euro gallery upstairs with a free modern gallery besides it. There’s also the Alcazaba fortress which I went to last after the Nasrid Palace and I was able to catch the sunset.
4. Be on time (5 minutes) to wait on line for your ticket slot to see the Nasrid Palace.

My experience in buying tickets to the Alhambra in Granada:

I never planned on going to Granada during this leg of my trip so I did not buy tickets in advance. According to one lady at a ticket booth, she said they were releasing extra tickets to the Alhambra at midnight so I promptly waited till midnight and was able to select a date, time and even my credit card payments. Unfortunately my credit card did not go through and they did not accept my Chase Sapphire Reserve Card. I knew that people waited in line for tickets early in the morning so I woke up at 4:00am, climbed up to the Alhambra and waited in line starting at 4:45am. The guy in front of me was there the night before (10/9/2017) but he came at 7:00am. There were 250 tickets sold that day to the Nasrid Palace and Alhambra. Unfortunately the next day which is the day I went people could start buying online but not all credit cards were accepted. A couple in front of used a Citi Premier card and he was able to purchase tickets and leave the line. I was incredibly lucky to even get a ticket. When they ushered 10 of us first in to but tickets, I was the last person they sold to. They sold 4 tickets including the Nasrid Palace! Tickets were being released in batches online and people who waited all morning could not get tickets. It was incredibly frustrating for people to hear that the counter had tickets but then a second later it was gone. The guy in front of me did not get tickets! But the couple behind me were eventually able to buy tickets online at night to the Nasrid Palace. I hope that they eventually bring the system up to speed and I can update you all.

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Alhambra How to Get Tickets to See the Alhambra in Granada
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